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No Dental Insurance in Clearwater, Dunedin, Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor, Oldsmar? No Problem!

Here at Prior Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, located in Clearwater, Florida we are proudly offering a alternative to Dental Insurance. In today’s economy, we recognize that everyone needs to watch expenses. Many people have no dental plan at all. Others have lost their dental insurance. We’re all in this together. And, we’re trying to do our part to “pitch in.”

So, we’ve implemented an in-house Dental Savings Plan to help you take care of your smile affordably.

Why would we do this? What’s in it for us? How do we make it a “win-win?” It’s really quite simple. First, we eliminate the insurance company “middle man.” In exchange for helping you save money (potentially hundreds or more per year) on your dental care, we get your commitment to maintaining your dental health here at Prior Family Dentistry. We understand that times are tough for everyone, and we appreciate the trust you’ve placed in us.

Prior Dental Savings Plan is not insurance. It’s BETTER.

That’s right… It’s better than insurance. It’s a Dental Savings Plan for new and existing buying Soma online patients at Prior Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. As a Member, you can have the dentistry you want in a Personalized, Private Care atmosphere and save money, too.

Prior Dental Plan Membership is better than dental insurance:

  • NO Yearly maximums
  • NO deductibles.
  • NO waiting periods.
  • NO claims to file.
  • NO denials.
  • NO expensive premiums

Here are the benefits of Prior Dental Plan with a very affordable Annual Membership:

  • 1 Annual check-up examinations (ADA 0120)
  • 1 Emergency Exam (ADA 0140)
  • 2 cleanings (Non Periodontal based) ADA 1110)
  • 1 Oral Cancer screenings
  • 4 Bitewings X-rays (ADA 0274)
  • Any individual x-rays (excluding vertical Bitewings)
  • 50% off Panorex (ADA 0330) or FMX X-rays (ADA 0210)
  • 10% off additional cleanings and dental sealants, Fillings. Core Buildups, Oral Surgery and Root Canals
  • 10% off Crowns, Veneers, Periodontics, Denture, Partial and Implant Restorations.

Contact our office for more information or to enroll in Prior Dental Savings Plan.